As we Denzil Pereira and Trisca Fernandes have passionately delivered our voices to these immortal nostalgic songs by Chris Perry, this musical audio-video will surely touch your hearts.

As our team have put their heart and soul in the production of this audio-video, please support us by sharing our video amongst your family and friends.

These two songs are our Goa’s “priceless treasures”, meant to be passed on to the next generation, to keep our Goan culture alive.The sole intention behind the concept of fusing 2 popular songs is to inculcate love for Konkani songs amongst the younger generation, and to make our Konkani music popular worldwide.

DnT the Band would like to thank the whole team that made this video possible:

The most alluring cast :
1. Dr. Hubert Gomes] Hubert Gomes and his charming wife Risoleta Abranches Gomes
2. Musically blessed Sancho Menezes
3. Denzil Pereira & Trisca Fernandes
4. Magnificient evening gown (Pitti Pitti Mog) from Pele Gomes Shoppers Paradise Goa India
5. Shoot location at the beautiful “Vivenda De Garcia Abranches”, Verna
6. Special thanks to Quinnie Pereira & Yuvraj Salgaonkar
7. Showcasing our vision on screen:
Directing: Prashant Shirodkar
Dop: Pankaj Karapurkar
Lighting: Josephfern Dsouza
Editing: Sameer Adkonkar
Vocals: Denzil Pereira and Trisca Fernandes
Recording and Dubbing: Aurvile Rodrigues Audio Masters Goa
Mix & Mastering: Ishan Naik
Backing voice: Zia Rodrigues

Credit Holders
Composition & Music by Chris Perry.
1.Kazarache Utor: sung by H.Britton-
2.Pitti Pitti mog- sung by Antonette.